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Hi, welcome to the KeyReel Password Manager testing family

[NOTE! YOU MUST HAVE BOTH A MAC AND IPHONE TO PASS THE TEST!] KeyReel ( provides a secure entry to websites from your Mac while keeping all passwords safe on your iPhone. You never need to enter a master password. Your passwords are always close at hand, always under your full control. Once Mac is securely paired with the phone, site’s password box will be automatically filled with the password when the phone is in Mac’s proximity. Password management for websites becomes hassle-free with KeyReel. KeyReel offers unparalleled ease of use without compromising your security, granting you a peace of mind. *** Excerpt from Privacy Policy Here at Auxoft, we believe that personal data is private and should not be accessible to anyone you don’t explicitly share it with. We hold with the conviction that personal data should never leave the premises of our customer’s devices and should be protected. So we developed KeyReel to make it easy to keep your personal data private. What you can count on: - KeyReel transfers personal data between your chosen devices in encrypted form. - All your personal and secure data is completely inaccessible by anyone at Auxoft, whether encrypted or not. The only way Auxoft can access your personal data is if you explicitly send it to us... (The whole version of Privacy Policy you can get there:

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